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Referral Reward Program

Fill out the Reward Form below and start getting Rewarded!

As a heavily referral based company, we have experienced explosive growth because of your referrals. We want to reward you every way we can. For every new client you refer to us, we will reward you with areferral reward. You will receive a gift card that you may use for any of our services.

Here’s an example of how it works: You refer a new client to us. Your friend completes a job with OC Taker, and we will automatically send you a referral bonus of your choosing. To redeem it for future service you simply present it during your next booking, It’s that easy!

Three Easy Ways to Refer and Earn

  1. Have plenty of our business cards handy. This will direct people to our website and is the quickest way to get information about us. If you need them, contact us 949-204-0301.
  2. Email us or fill out this form and include the contact information of the person you would like us to contact. When their service is complete, we will mail your reward bonus at the end of that same month. If you want to gift your reward, just mention “Forward My Reward” when you send their contact information and you can forward your reward immediately to your friend to be redeemed when they schedule their appointment.
  3. Have your friends or family call us to book an appointment and mention you by name when scheduling. We will email you to notify you of the referral, and your reward will be mailed out at the end of the month which the service appointment is completed!

Program Rules

  1. Referral Program Rewards can be used just like cash toward any cleaning service. Simply hand the technician the card at the end of the service, and it is treated just like cash.
  2. Referral Program Rewards may be forwarded to friends when you refer them, or may be handed to anyone that you wish to share your reward with – even if they are a return customer like you!
  3. Program Rewards MAY be combined with any other offer or discount and there is no limit to how many you may use for each service. You can pay for your entire service using program rewards.
  4. Each card may only be redeemed once – your technician will apply the amount toward your balance, and will return the card to the office along with your payment details.
  5. If you don’t want to save your rewards for your next service, you can also opt to select a gift card or a box of Delicious cookies instead!
  6. Please note – our drivers do not carry cash, so we cannot exchange rewards for cash, or provide change, at the time of service.